Rigid Cable Roller

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The purpose of the “INBI” self-centering idler is to keep the conveyor belt always centered, correcting defects that would prevent its working correctly. The idler is made up of a steel tube with a fixed shaft running through it, on which there is a central hinge joint which allows regular deviation of the tube. The INBI self-centering idler is covered with soft rubber which keeps it clean and also offers excellent adherence. Both aspects determine the efficiency of the system.¬† To prevent entry of foreign bodies which could affect the efficiency of the operation, the interior is protected by rubber stoppers.


With the belt operating  and lined up, the idler is held transversely at an angle of 90 degrees. The mass is balanced at both sides of the idler. When the belt goes off center, the idler comes into action; it is inclined over the loaded part, restoring the balance in this way and correcting the belt to its proper position.
This action can be repeated indefinately, due to the internal mechanism and the position of the shaft with relation to the belt, which must be with the flat part at an angle of less than 45 degrees, whichever way the belt is travelling.


The idlers must be placed below the belt so that they exert a slight upward pressure. The distance between the tail drum and the self-centering idler should be one third the length between the drum shafts of the conveyor belt (but with a minimum of 2 meters from the tail drum shaft).

For conveyor belts of less that 30 meters, a single idler will be sufficient. For very long installations, the distance between the first self centering idler -S- and the next should be approximately 25 meters to guarantee optimum results.

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