Do away within convenience of conventional metallic idlers. Our flexible idlers have greater resistance to abrasion and chemical agents. They also absorb the impact of great blocks directly or with the help of side shock absorbers. Flexible Idlers are essentially compromised of a metal cored high tensile steel cable with 180 KG/mm2 tensile strength and 6,600 Kg breaking strength. The metal core is preformed and un-lubricated and is neoprene covered to adapt it to the discs which are the parts attached to the actual conveyor belt.Thanks to a simply system of hooks, these are easily fitted and disassembled unlike conventional idlers. The relative movement of the disks prevents sticking or jamming, the materials transported never spill over, thus avoiding deterioration and wearing of the belt. The angle of the trough up to 45° is such that overflowing is avoided without the necessity of retaining elements.

  • Longer lasting Idler
  • Bears temperatures of - 35°C to 100°C
  • Fewer breakdown (only 2 bearings)
  • Weighs 6 times less than a conventional system
  • Centers the load