Drag Conveyor flights are made custom to order in various sizes, thicknesses and styles. Our standard paddles are made of UHMW Natural which is ideal for replacement of worn out rubber, steel, nylon or aluminum flights. Our UHMW paddles are strong and will not break. They are abrasion, chemical and moisture resistant as to outlast other materials. UHMW Natural is an USDA and FDA approved material for food applications. These paddles will flex however, they will return to their original shape. Paddles are also available in other materials such as UHMW Repro Black (non-food grade), Tivar 88, Tivar HOT and Nylon.

  • Saves wear and tear on equipment
  • Strong and will not break
  • Will outlast steel 5 to 6 times
  • Easy to install
  • FDA / USDA Approved