Our UHMW Flight Edging is stocked in standard sizes, as well as can be made to order. UHMW Flight Edging clips over the outside rim of your auger, saving the edge on new augers, and extending the life of worn out augers. This product provides a better cleanout of your trough and have a low coefficient of friction when operating. UHMW Flight Edging can be formed to any diameter larger than 6” and is supplied in up 20 linear foot coils. It is fastened by machine screws or rivets every half pitch.

Our steel channel tack-weld on Flight Edging is made with nylon bristles customized to your preference of length. This flighting can be formed to any diameter larger than 2” and are supplied in various lengths of coils.

  • Saves wear and tear on drive systems
  • Get a better cleanout
  • Prolongs the lifespan of worn out equipment