Our UHMW Flight Facing is highly abrasion resistant and carry’s a low co-efficient of friction which reduces material hang up. These Flights are made in sectional segments and come pre-drilled with counter bored holes for either a UHMW Capped elevator bolt, or a mild steel elevator bolt. UHMW natural Flight Facing is FDA and USDA approved for food processing. You can install these flights on a new auger to stop wear, or on a worn out auger to prolong its lifespan. These flights are also produced to extend past the Helicoil Flighting for better cleanout. They are available in diameters larger than 5”. They are also available in other material such as Tivar 88 or Polypropylene.

  • Saves wear and tear on new equipment
  • Extended lifespan of old, worn out equipment
  • Provides a better cleanout
  • Will extend the life of your auger
  • Saves you money!