Flight Brush Edging

Flight Brush Edging

Maljohn Plastics flight brush edging has bristles clipped into a steel channel giving a brush type form. The steel channel of the ‘brush’ can then be tacked to the face of the flight allowing the bristle to extend passed the outer edge of the Screw Flights, providing a continuous ‘sweeping’ action along the length of the screw. Fitting Bristle Edging provides many advantages over a standard Screw Conveyor, especially when conveying delicate or brittle materials. The flighting keeps the material moving, while the bristle protects the delicate substance from irreversible damage.

Advantages of incorporating Maljohn Plastics flight brush edging in your Screw Conveyor:

  • Reduces material damage, without decreasing your screw capacity
  • Can perform in high-speed units
  • Custom-built to fit your specific application
  • Available bristle channels include mild, stainless, and galvanized

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