Flight Edging (standard & extra depth)

UHMW Flight Edging (standard & extra depth)

Flight Edging is used to snap-on over the screw conveyor flight to extend the life of the flight and to allow for improved clean-out of the trough. It is normally installed by winding it along the screw so that it snaps on in the well between the flights and secured with metal rivets. Starting at one end the UHMW plastic is tapped into place by moving along the length of the screw. This Ultra-D plastic is stabilized against ultra-violet light radiation. The center bearing on short conveyors can sometimes be eliminated when the center of the screw sits lightly in the trough.


Material: UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight)

  • Install on new Flighting to save Edge
  • Repair old worn out edge
  • Provides better cleanout
  • Low friction operation
  • Pre-formed to any diameter
  • Quick installation

Questions to ask:

  1. Diameter of Screw
  2. What is the Flights Thickness
  3. What is the pitch of Auger
  4. How many feet is the auger (how long)
  5. Length of Auger divided by .3032 will give you the number of feet required of Flight Edging

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