38% 2020 Goal

*N.B. In the early years of Maljohn, I know that our business entity would have been decimated by a “Covid type” epidemic; it would have prevented me from seeing and developing Grain Handling Spouts, Chutes and Conveyor Components for Grain Elevators throughout Canada and North America as a whole.

-Mal johnson

Helping hand clip art

Helping where we can.

Realizing that it is our responsibility to give a helping hand and offer understanding to those in less fortunate situations than ourselves, a world of people laid off, displaced and at risk of seeing their hopes and dreams, their security, lost because of the effects of COVID-19. Through a group effort, we will pull together to create some products that will benefit some worthy causes, giving back to the community as a whole.

Home alone clip art

Our "Home Alone Team".

With these thoughts in mind I, and my people at Maljohn, in the early months of COVID, commenced our “Home Alone Team” program; and from the outset we've had a heartwarming response  from like-minded friends, customers and suppliers who have graciously pledged their time and very generously donated materials to the team in order to assist our achievements to financially support Ronald McDonald House, Childhood Cancer, Welcome Inn and Good Samaritans.